A Long Overdue Update

If you’ve been wondering why the website has been quieter than usual, first of all, thank you for your continuing interest and secondly, oops.

Sorry for the complete radio silence, it’s about time I made an update.

So where have I been for the last few months? short answer: England. Long answer: I went to CoxCon 2017 and Nineworlds Geekfest, leaving in July and returning mid August, although that does leave a whole month unaccounted. Try not to think about it, I don’t.

It was a great time, but now it’s time to get back to work.

So know that I’m back, what’s next: I’ve got a few projects in the works, reviews for Darwood and Bannerman¬†as well as write ups of both CoxCon and the Geekfest. Stay tuned for an uncharacteristic amount of productivity, and thank you for your patience.